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            Suzhou Digital-health Care Co. Ltd.

            Intelligence Everywhere

            Suzhou Digital-health Care Co. Ltd. was established in November 2010 . At present, the company has obtained three types of medical equipment production license, product Apollo dental implant surgery navigation system has completed the prototype development work, and through the Shanghai City medical device testing the registration testing, clinical trials are ongoing clinical trials by the end of next year is expected to be completed, obtaining a certificate of registration of three types of medical equipment products.

            Suzhou Digital-health Care is a high-tech company specializing in the development and sale of computer hardware and software, surgical navigation equipment and related products, and is also one of the few companies that have the ability to independently develop and sell medical navigation system software in China. The company is committed to the field of medical related software and hardware product develop and design, development goal is to let the doctor see more in the study, diagnosis and treatment process, to do more detailed, more convenient operation.

            At present, the main products of the company are computer-aided dental implant surgery system, dental real-time training and evaluation system, and dental implant oriented template. This series of products can effectively improve the accuracy of implant location for edentulous jaw, multiple tooth loss and implant case, and greatly improve the long-term success rate of dental implant. This product can be widely used in hospitals at all levels and in all kinds of hospitals. It is beneficial to improve the accuracy and quality of doctors' diagnosis. At the same time, the accuracy and modernization of surgery will be conducive to the establishment of rational and informed clinical treatment procedures, which is of great significance for reducing clinical accidents and relieving conflicts between doctors and patients.

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